BeeOptions Review

BeeOptions is the broker that has been working as hard as a bee in attempt of brings you comfortable trades no matter where you are at. Established quite soon in 2008, it is one of the platforms whose beginnings are extremely difficult. BeeOptions had to wait until late of 2009 to be published officially.

BeeOptions is regulated and under management of both Cyprus and The British Virgin Islands, which means their operations are completely legal. That’s the first justifiable to place this broker in the list of reliable ones. The next reason explains why traders keep on coming to make trade on BeeOptions platform beside its long last is that it is always eager for bringing best service to all kinds of investors. These facts are proven through many modifications. Its friendly platform performs a simply and flexible features which definitely satisfy all account holders proves why the number of participants keeps increasing unstoppable.

As time goes by, many brokers came and went but the firm place of BeeOptions in mind of binary options traders has never tottered once. It is considered as an innovator whose competitiveness is as high as impossible to be beaten up.

You might have heard about this broker but never try it yet because of your carefulness. In this review, we hope to bring you all of your needed information before missing your chances to take part in BeeOptions’s excellent operations.

BeeOptions Review: Registration

In order to start, you need an account that is easily registered via simple steps follow:

1, Visit their homepage and click on the “Open Account” button

2, Fill in your personal information. Remember that this information could be used for verification in your withdrawals and other money transactions, so remember to use your legitimate ones.

As soon as finishing registration process, you are owner of an activated account and the right to access to all offered useful features. You can enjoy the world of huge knowledge by accessing to various trading guide tools such as free ebooks, free demo account and personal trading advisers. Similar to other trading brokers, BeeOptions also requires for an amount of depositing at least 150 of U.S Dollar, Euro or British Pound. Almost broker will offer you an extra gift, but no offer is as much as 100% of the initial like BeeOptions does. That means once you deposit in 150 USD, you have a total of 300 USD to make trades in your hand.

BeeOptions Review: Trading platform

There are reasons to be comfortable while taking part in such stressful financial markets.

The same as other 100% web-based platform, traders have no need to download any software. A straightforward internet connection and a basic browser are enough to trade smoothly.

beeoptions review

Because almost available brokers use a web-base platform due to its comforts, the design of each platform becomes main reason to compare them to each other. A good platform is the one that is easy to access and navigate, safe and being in a good order. Fortunately, BeeOptions contains all those criteria. They have an attractive design. Their sections are arranged logically therefore any trader could get used to it even for the first time visitation.

BeeOptions particularly concern about new comers. They offer a visible section on their homepage for FAQ, where all technical problems and queries are solved almost immediately. They also suggest newbie to experience in their educational tools before real trades.

BeeOptions Review: Trading Assets

Currently, BeeOptions offers a number of 90 underlying assets in 4 main categories: indices, stocks, Forex and commodities. You can take a look at major ones in short list below:

  • Currencies: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/CAD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP and USD/RUB, etc.
  • Commodities: Silver, Gold, Coffee, Corn, Gold, Platinum, etc.
  • Indices: NASDAQ, Dow Jones, Nikkei, CAC 40 and FTSE, etc.

BeeOptions Review: Trading accounts

BeeOptions is suitable with all level of traders whose portfolios are larger than or equal to 150. Depending on your deposit, it will classify you into different types of account with different interests and preferences. There are 3 types named: Starter Account, Trader Account and VIP Account. Detailed requirements for each of them are available on their homepage in case you want to take a look.

beeoptions trading review

A larger amount invested in will bring you more advantages than your imagination. For example, higher deposit amount will receive higher welcome bonus. Hence, you will have more money to make bigger trades. What could be better than being taking care of by your own professional tutor, which will appear for a little higher budget?

BeeOptions Payouts

The average percentage payout for in the money trades of binary options market is about 75%. It’s usually about 81% on BeeOptions. In case you are an adventurous trader with high ambitions, you have opportunities to challenge yourself in One Touch instrument and earning up to 4 times of your initial investment.

BeeOptions Review: Banking Methods

Depositing and withdrawing on BeeOptions have no more difficulties than registration process. All guidelines and terms are visibly understandable. We appreciate its simplicities while still keep your money safe and sound. In general, you will have no problems with BeeOptions’s banking options unless you skip on reading their terms intentionally.

BeeOptions Customer support

BeeOptions has their own supporting staffs including private tutors that have been mentioned above. These gathered experienced traders are available to help you manage all unexpected problems and unavoidable wonders.

In final words, we strongly recommend you to be a part of customer force of BeeOptions and enjoying all of their offered advantages immediately.

After reading this honest review and you still hesitate, let’s contact us for more detailed information about this broker and others as well.

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